Bell-Harrison Development, Inc.

Bell-Harrison Development, Inc. is small enough to maintain a hands-on management style, but large enough to offer a volume of work to our subcontractors and suppliers. As a result, we receive excellent service and workmanship and have strong buying power. Many of our subcontractors have been working for us for years and some work almost exclusively for us.

We are a full service construction company - we own our own equipment. Therefore we can offer support services for other companies who may not have their own equipment or operators. When it comes to construction, we can do just about anything that needs to be done.

We also partner with other quality contractors on large projects to combine our talent with others to create projects on a grand scale.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to investigate any potential builder they are considering. One should use extreme caution using a square foot price to gauge pricing among builders. This is a very inaccurate method to compare housing. One can build a home with the same square footage and same basic shell, but upgrades and amenities can affect the square footage price by tens of dollars per square foot. A buyer must evaluate each plan and specification individually.

Bell-Harrison Development, Inc. works with our buyers to ensure that they are receiving maximum value while maintaining the highest standards of quality, with the result being a beautiful home built to last a lifetime.

Dicken's Builders, Inc.

Since its inception, Dickens Builders has worked hard to establish itself as one of the most respected builders in Oconee County. Dickens Builders takes extreme pride in providing superior craftsmanship and a personal commitment to each of its customers. The company’s owners make it their responsibility to visit jobsites on a daily basis to ensure top quality workmanship is performed during all phases of the home building process.

Dickens Builders relies almost solely on the services of subcontractors who have worked for the company since it was established. Like Dickens Builders, many of its subcontractors are locally-owned businesses with strong roots in Oconee County, a factor that promotes great pride in doing work that will be well respected by the homeowner and the community at large.

Your home is your biggest investment and it speaks volumes about who you and your family are. Dickens Builders strives to keep this in mind, knowing that the homes we build are not simply shelters, but the holders of a family’s most precious memories. We encourage total involvement of the customer at every stage and we work tirelessly to ensure that the home buyer’s needs are met in a timely manner and in the most cost efficient way possible.

The homeowner has the responsibility of choosing a builder whose building style best suits their needs and who is committed to working closely with them to build the house of their dreams. We invite potential homebuyers to visit our homes and talk to our former clients. We know that our work and our relationship with our clients reflect the great value we place on doing the best job we can for every customer.


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